gobustan national park


Duration of the tour: 5 hours

Itinerary: Baku – Gobustan – Mud Volcanoes – Baku

Length of the route: approximately 65km (one way)

Pick-up & Drop-off: your hotel (within Baku)

Excursion type: Private

Language: English (other languages upon request)


Prices per group (in US dollars):

1-2 travelers 3-6 travelers 7 and more travelers
Standard 140$ 165$ upon request
VIP* upon request upon request upon request


* VIP – A choice of luxury cars are available (Mercedes S-class,  E-class, V-class, and etc.)


1-3 travelers 4-7 travelers 8 and more travelers
Economy (without guide)** 95$ 135$ upon request


** The economy package includes driver and museum guide services.


  • Pick-up & Drop-off at your hotel (inside Baku)
  • Personal English speaking guide (other languages on request)
  • Personal Driver & air-conditioned vehicle


  • Entrance Tickets
  • Meal
  • Personal expenses
  • Insurance


There are about 800 mud volcanoes and 350 of them are located in Azerbaijan. Moreover, some of these volcanoes are quite. During your trip to Azerbaijan, we will take you to the place of Gobustan, where one of the most famous fields of mud volcanoes is located…

So let us describe to you these magnificent places more concrete….

You will see:

Tour of the Museum (closed exposition) and the reserve (open part)

The petroglyphs Museum (Museum under the open sky)

Gobustan origins from the words Gobu and Stan. Thus, Gobustan is a country of ravines. Ravines there really a lot and the rivers were, but dried up, and the valley of mud volcanoes is, but the main thing is not this. The main thing in Gobustan is its famous petroglyphs. Therefore, scientists call images on a stone and consider it rudiments of writing.

The age of these images is different-from the 12th century BC to the middle ages. In this area from time immemorial lived people who have left us traces of their ancient and powerful culture. There are traces of such antiquity on the globe in many places, but Gobustan is one of the unique places in both the number and preservation of such images, and in the coverage of such a large historical period. People settled in these places for thousand years– one generation after another, and each left traces of their stay.

The Mud Volcanoes

Azerbaijan takes the first position in the world in terms of the number of mud volcanoes. There are as many as 350 pieces (in the world about 800). The dirt there began to spill out of the ground in this particular place only 50 years ago. To the East of the Gobustan Museum is a group of active volcanoes Dashgil. You will be able to visit and climb up close to the craters of mud volcanoes and watch the bubbling of liquid clay. A beautiful landscape, as if you are on the planet Mars (scientists have drawn an analogy and the surface in the area of Gobustan is very similar to the surface of the planet Mars) and the constant mud gurgling creates a feeling of unearthly surface.


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