gobustan national park


Duration: 4 hours

Itinerary: Baku – Gobustan National Park – Baku

Pick-up & Drop-off: your hotel (within Baku)

Category: Private tour

Language: English (other languages on request)


Prices per group (in US dollars):

1-2 travelers 3-6 travelers 7 and more travelers
Standard 120$ 140$ upon request
VIP* upon request upon request upon request


* VIP – A choice of luxury cars are available (Mercedes S-class,  E-class, V-class, and etc.)


1-3 travelers 4-7 travelers 8 and more travelers
Economy (without guide)** 70$ 100$ upon request


** The economy package includes driver and museum guide services.


  • Pick-up & Drop-off at your hotel (within Baku)
  • Personal English speaking guide (other languages on request)
  • Personal Driver & air-conditioned vehicle


  • Entrance fees
  • Food and drinks
  • Insurance


Gobustan national historical and art reserve is located on the territory of the mountains

Boyukdash (The Big Stones) Kichikdash (The Small Stones) and Jingirdag of Greater Gobustan, in the Eastern part of Azerbaijan.

Gobustan reserve is widely known for its rock paintings, samples primitive culture not only in our country, but also at the world level. On the rocks of Gobustan preserved ancient drawings, Cup-shaped recesses for cooking liquid food and collecting rainwater, double holes for tethering animals, signs, tamgas, ancient inscriptions, etc.

Discovered and recorded on over a thousand rocks and stones these artifacts wereе created by ancient people and are a reflection of their agricultural and intellectual activities.

Petroglyphs of Gobustan are an artistic chronicle of the past. They represent a huge importance for the study of both primitive human history and many species ancient art: graphics, music, dance, stone processing.

Main sightseeing you will see:

Walking through the sites of ancient people.

A unique opportunity to play “Gavaldash” (one of the most ancient musical instruments on the planet)

Panoramic views, Powerful rocks, Caves

More than 6,000 rock paintings and 100,000 artifacts


Modern interactive Museum

In the Museum, you will find perfectly selected exhibitions with the use of the most modern technology that will help you learn the meaning of petroglyphs (rock paintings). In 11 exhibition halls, (the Halls are equipped with 3D panoramas, touch screens) there is a huge collection of priceless historical exhibits, interesting for both adults and children.

An open air Museum

You will be able to see with your own eyes the rock paintings that will tell You about the culture, economy, worldview, customs and traditions of the people who already in that distant time inhabited this fertile corner of Azerbaijan. Once the sea lapped right at the foot of these mountains, but then retreated, leaving on the polished rocks characteristic relief traces. After accidentally, in the 30-ies of 20th century, were discovered unusual drawings on the rocks, they are “open” for more than 6 thousand (1000 rocks). Also found ancient primitive dwellings-caves and parking, more than 100 thousand items of material culture. Gobustan petroglyphs belong to different eras. They are made in the period from 10 to 18000 BC to the middle ages of our era.


Optional sites: Mud Volcanoes on request.

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